To contribute to the scientific progress in the field of human nutrition and dietetics for improving the quality of health in the population though the healthy food habits. To stimulate the improvement of knowledge as well as the inclusion of dietitians-nutritionists into multidisciplinary teams. To disseminate evidence-based science and its applications. To transparently cooperate with other scientific societies.


To promote and represent the scientific aspect of dietetics and nutrition in the national and international scenario.


To support, promote and foster the scientific progress in the field of human nutrition and dietetics.
To provide high quality education to the members.
To provide a real and correct dissemination of the evidence-based science as well as to ensure its implementation.


Cooperation (I: scientific societies and public organisms)
To create strong links with similar scientific societies or research centers as well as with other public organisms with the same aims as our Society, as the means for fostering the collaboration of its members in the different research stages, from the basic science to the dissemination of the results.



Cooperation (II: industry and consumers)
To align with the interests of the food industry and related fields in terms of the evidence-based scientific knowledge by means of objective ethical criteria, for the benefit of the health and needs of the population.
To stimulate the involvement of the members in the activities carried out by SEDYN as well as in others that are aligned with its interests.


To endorse the inclusion of the members into multidisciplinary teams and scientific workgroups.
To make available all pertinent information about our activity that has a public nature.





Con la denominación Asociación Española de Dietética y Nutrición (SEDYN) se constituye en Barcelona el 13 de Junio de 2015, una ASOCIACIÓN al amparo de la Ley Orgánica 1/2002, de 22 de marzo, reguladora del Derecho de Asociación, y normas complementarias, con personalidad jurídica propia y plena capacidad de obrar para el cumplimiento de sus fines, de utilidad pública, y careciendo de ánimo de lucro.